Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mock intern email

Welcome to the Babies for Us team!  Congratulations on reaching this most exciting stage in your life.  In the next several months you will be working on the most fascinating projects. We are very excited to get the semester started and on its way.  We have many fun ideas and things panned throughout the semester and year.  First, please watch a welcome video from me our founder and CEO.

I hope you enjoyed the video.  Bellow you will find a link to my blog which will give you options and ideas on how you can participate in and help Babies for Us.  Please read through and take notes because you'll be asked to choose some options tomorrow.  Please feel free to poke around the blog and get a feel for how Babies for Us was created and what our thoughts and process are.

I would like to work very closely with you and believe that open communication is very important.  Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or ideas.  All of my personal info is bellow.  I am looking forward to meeting you and a wonderful and productive semester.

Spread the love and have some fun,

Tai Cordero
Babies for Us

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Intern Projects

Overview of intern projects

Babies couples program
Outreach to couples to inform them of the program
Outreach to service providers and supporters to inform them of the program
Individual meetings with couples to connect them to services and resources
Fielding calls for couples, supporters and donors
Creating digital files for couples and supporters
Follow up with couples that need support

Fundraising & Awareness Events
Assist with calendar of events
Assist with raffle prizes
Reach out to potential venues
Analysis of past fundraisers
Assist with other fundraising ideas

Grant research
Writing and submitting grants
Outreach to potential private sponsors

Design and create brochure
Develop flyers as needed
Develop collateral for various projects

Assist with monthly email
Assist with blog
Assist with Facebook and Twitter

Coordinate and attend various workshops
Assist with ideas about website
Research what other alternative conception groups are doing

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Need sperm? A list of approved sperm banks

Raffle Donation Packages

to have a successful raffle it is important to have really good prizes.  The first time contacting anyone can be some what of a challenge.  They call it a cold call and you never know what the answer is going to be.  But the 1st time is the hardest and it only gets easier.  Always start with the people you know, it makes good practice and you will most likely get a yes.

i started with friends who worked for or owned various big and little businesses.  Early i learned that i needed some kind of a request letter on letter head.  I went to my favorite source of all that is creative, Pinterest, and searched.  There i found a letter that i liked, tweaked it, then let it evolve depending on who i was asking for a request from.

here's what my first letter looked like:

i later added a paragraph about how we will affect the community.

Here are some learnings:

Require Email:

Dave's Market- only really like to help food related organizations: food banks 
Foxwood's Casino- kasia Radicioni-

Requires letter in person:

Shaw's- super helpful
99 restaurant- super nice
Mulligan's Island- prefer sports related
Dave & Busters- follow-up, follow-up, follow-up

Snail Mail:

Pawsox- very friendly
Mail to: Grace Eng
Po box 2365
Pawtucket, RI 02861


Attn: Donation requests
Require: when need by, letter on letterhead, tax exempt ID #, Flyer

Not helpful:

Liquor warehouse- better to hit up early in the year
Petco- Must be pet related
Job lot- not very nice

So just FYI this is a couple weeks worth of work.  I hope it saves you a lot of time.  I know it will be easier for me next time.

Oh, yea!  Little tip:  i made a generic letter and a million copies of my tax exempt letter to randomly stop by places.

Thanks for listening!

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Meet the Neighbors

Im so excited to say that i found the research i have been looking for.  For the past year i have been looking for information on LGBTQ in RI.  I just stumbled across it.  Meet the Neighbors is such an easy read and enjoyable.

Some great take aways:

-LGBTQ in RI are more likely to have a bachelors or better
81.1% of LGBTQ vs. 25.6% non-LGBTQ

-40% of RI LGBTQ living with a parter and only 5% with children vs. 48% US non-LGBTQ living with a partner and 31% with children
-1 in 4 wish to have children
44% not sure how
26% want to adopt
17% alternative insemination 

This leads me to believe more people want children but either don't know how or cant afford to.  

                             this article affirms the need for Babies for Us.  In that there 
                                is a need for the community impacts which we address. 

Impact on LGBTQ couples:

- expanding access to welcoming health care
- Supporting families
- building support systems

Impact on Community:

- Supporting families
- Building Community cohesiveness
- addressing diversity with in the community
- Increasing awareness and visibility of the LGBTQ community
- Creating a community/ Resource center
- Creating more community-wide events and celebrations including social, cultural. And recreational activities
- Combatting homophobia and transphobia in the non-LGBTQ community

I find that i am a person who has trouble putting things into words.  This article has done so for Babies for Us and has been a little boost to push us.

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

This was so easy.. and the directions are already out there.. here are the ones i used:

How to make your own ted.ed

And here's my ted.ed.. please enjoy, interact and let me know what you think....

Babies for Us ted ed

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Effectiveness & Budget

Wednesday night I went to a RI foundation meeting discussion budgets.  Which I learned a lot from.  

Some of the big take aways were...

- a budget (Income statement) should be set annually so that you have a goal for the year.  You shouldn't change it as the year goes by or you'll never know how you did.  But you should look at it (balance sheet) at least quarterly to make sure you are staying close enough to the bottom line....that the budget is working....

- Be realistic... this isn't the time to be a superstar and under goal yourself.  If anything you should exaggerate your expected costs then if you come in under, good for you.  Its always better to come in under than to go way over...

- look at your incomes separately from your expenses, then merge the two statements  

- Make sure you are getting credit for your inkind/ private support/ donations in your budget... 

Things to google later...

* Receipt bank- an app for your phone
* non-profit activities
* Lady Project
* Fiddle and Folk Festival


Inkind is all of the stuff that is donated to you including, space, volunteer hours, goods and cash money.  This made me realize that i should keep track of everything as I go rather than try to remember everything.... because I have an awful memory.

So.... i took 2 lessons learned from RI foundation and blended them into a easy to use packet.  The last workshop at RI foundation was about assessing impact.  In that, we created a logic model.  Basically, a business model for a nonprofit.  This is the verbiage behind the numbers. And the budget holds some of the metrics behind the logic model. 

This is what the original grid from the logic model looked like...

Then this is what it looks like after we filled it in, in the workshop....

Your main objective for your nonprofit is your Impact.  This is your big picture/ 5 year goal.  This is build around an awareness event.  The activities are what you are going to do during your event.  Resources and inputs are what you are using and who is helping your to have a successful event.  The outputs are what physical/ nominal things you achieved from your event.  The outcomes are what you do with your outputs.  Which all brings you back to the impact.  Boom!

It kinda hurts my brain to think about things that way.  So i made it a worksheet to use for every event that looks like this....

You can see ive been filling it out as I've been working along.  But it also helps me make sure i have everything covered.

The next thing i learned from the assessing effectiveness workshop was data collection.  Very similar with what i did... so im just going to show you bang bang through pics...



My worksheet...

Boom!!!!... Sheet 2 of my packet

Finally... budgets, budgets, budgets.....and the whole reason i started this particular blog entry.... inkind

Because these are my first couple of events im kinda working backwards.  Im supposed to know exactly how much its going to cost to throw an event and exactly the best methods for everything.  But... i only know basically what the deal is.  So i found this basic budget sheet on excel when i searched "event budget"....

But i figure its a good start.  You can see Ive been scribbling all over it and tweaking it to fit our needs.  The thing i forgot to add, which is a big deal is the inkind.  Grantees want to see how much things really cost and you want to know what it will cost you next time.  And also, what if someone is having a bad day and not feeling so nice as to help you out next time.  Thats the big thing i need to add into my  budget.... foe example how much would the space cost if they weren't donating it, whats the full cost of the bad and how much would it cost me to buy the raffle prizes...

With this packet all of my data is collected and i can use it to submit budgets for grants....

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